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Kabbalah for Personal GrowthYour Heart’s Desire


I set the Divine before me always

The Jewish mystical tradition is a rich field of study for enhancing personal development and spiritual growth. Taught in a small group environment, we begin by studying classical Kabbalah – its history and development – and from there, we discuss how its concepts can be applied practically in our lives to foster healing, growth, awareness and meaning.

We also explore the interface between psychology and spirituality: in particular, the definition, meaning, usage, and implications of “mystical experience”, and the ways in which religious/spiritual development aligns with the stages of personality development outlined in the Psychological literature.

Experientially, we work on building a personal “spiritual toolbox”, including basic/intermediate meditation skills, the use of sacred chant, performing acts of lovingkindness and the practice of gratitude.

Group limited to 4 students. This six-month course meets twice monthly, 2 hours each session, for a total of 24 hours of instruction, with option to be ongoing. All backgrounds welcome!

To register for Kabbalah for Personal Growth or for more information, please feel free to call me at [916] 442-7315,
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Be Your Original Self: Clarify, Energize and Accomplish Your Heart’s Desires” 

Working from the premise that our deepest desires are pure, sacred, and point the way to joyous and purposeful living, this group will provide an energizing format for you to explore and embrace your Heart’s Desires and create ways to actualize them in your life.

  • Our approach will be based on the “four worlds” model of the Jewish Kabbalah: we will work on the spiritual, cognitive, emotional and practical levels, with the goal of integration and wholeness of self, and alignment with our unique “holy purpose”.
  • Our personal and group process will integrate meditation, reflective journals, get-you-started exercises, exploration of the role of joy and gratitude, affirmation of our strengths, and strong support and guidance for working through our challenges.
  • Materials: A blank journal, and a copy of Your Heart’s Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want, by Sonia Choquette.
  • Six-month module, meets twice a month (12 sessions). Participants are asked to commit to the full course, to ensure group continuity.
If a composer doesn’t write from the heart, he simply can’t compose good music.
— Arnold Schoenberg


Originality is the only thing that counts.
— George Gershwin
To register for Your Heart’s Desire or for more information,
please feel free to call me at [916] 442-7315,
or email me at info@rabbishulastevens.net.
Or, visit my CONTACT page.
I would love to hear from you.
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