Tuition & Costs


What is the cost?

Tuition is $85 an hour for tutorials and family or planning meetings; average monthly tuition is $340. Tuition can be paid per lesson or monthly.

• Tuition for two students together is $120 per hour.

• Hourly rate for prayerbook preparation is $55 per hour.

• Hourly rate for conducting rehearsal is $120. (Rehearsals usually run 1.5 hours.)

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• Honorarium for conducting the service varies, depending on location, length, and type of service. Please contact me directly for more information.

• Original cover art is $350 – $500, depending on complexity of the design. You will receive the original artwork, along with a letter to your child explaining the symbolism hidden in the work. (Copyright remains with the artist!)

Rental of the Torah is included in the service honorarium, as is use of extra kippot and prayershawls.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice for cancellation of lessons and meetings.
Deposit: I also ask for a small, non-refundable deposit to hold an agreed-upon service date on my calendar.

Your child can enjoy preparing for Bar or Bat Mitzvah!
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