Spiritual Advising

Spiritual Advising & Life Coaching

Long before the appearance of psychotherapy, people traditionally turned to their spiritual leaders for advice and guidance.

I work with individuals, couples, and families, providing spiritual guidance and/or life coaching that fosters:

  • Comfort and healing from grief & loss and other challenges of life.
  • Resolution of discord in relationships & family life.
  • Unlocking your creativity, purpose and meaning through the exploration of your unique soul-purpose.
  • Shifting to a positive outlook — one that is rooted in the integration of your spiritual beliefs and personal authenticity — in order to accomplish important life goals.
  • Spiritual connection with the Divine, developing a connection with a spiritual community, if desired, and the cultivation of personally meaningful spiritual practices.
Rabbi Zusya once lamented to his brother, Rabbi Elimelech, “Oy, when I get to Heaven, they are going to ask me, ‘Why weren’t you more like Moses?’ and ‘Why weren’t you more like Abraham?’ To which his brother replied, “No, they will ask: ‘Why weren’t you more like Zuzya!’”.” — from the Hasidic tales

Leaf imageAs a Spiritual Advisor/Coach, I address the growth and healing needs of the whole person, and will encourage you to activate your inner gifts for creating a joyous, productive life.

I believe in taking a positive approach. We will begin by assessing your strengths and identifying positive resources within your life that can be brought into the service of healing, spiritual growth and the restoration of hope.

We will work together to clear away roadblocks — such as doubt, feelings of disconnection, or negative past experiences — so that you can find sure footing on your unique spiritual path, or reclaim your original faith tradition in a new, more personal, and deeply satisfying way.

I welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds.

If you are interested in spiritual advising or life coaching,
please feel free to call me at [916] 442-7315,
or email me at info@rabbishulastevens.net.
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