Custom Prayerbooks


What about prayerbooks?

Unless you have access to prayerbooks (siddurim) and printed copies of the Chumash (a congregational book containing the day’s Torah and Haftarah portion), you will need to create a prayerbook for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah service.

I can help you design a custom Hebrew/English prayerbook that will foster community participation.

Redwood tree twigThe advantage of a custom prayerbook, or “siddur” is that it combines all of the prayers and sacred texts into one small book so your guests can easily follow the service and feel included. A custom siddur can be also personalized to include explanatory notes about the service and various customs, an honors list, family photos, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s artwork, poems and favorite quotes. After the service, the books can be kept by guests as a memento of the ceremony, or be kept as a “family prayerbook” and easily reformatted for future Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies of younger siblings. (See sample covers and page designs below; And Sample Amidah pages here.)

Often, I help my students create a cover for their siddur of their own design. As another option, I am available to create one-of-a-kind cover art for your siddur, based on your child’s Hebrew name, Torah portion and other visual elements that have meaning for you child. (There are a few sample covers below)

I can also help your child design and create his or her own tallit (prayer shawl). This beautiful ritual garment symbolizes the 613 Divinely-given opportunities for service that are the core values of being a Jewish adult.

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