About Pastoral Counseling

Long before the appearance of the modern art of psychotherapy, people traditionally turned to their spiritual leaders for counsel and guidance.

redwood twigPastoral Counseling professionally integrates psychotherapy and spirituality, providing the best of both. Combining a broad knowledge of psychotherapy and family systems practice with the timeless wisdom of the faith traditions, Pastoral Counseling addresses and integrates the healing needs of the whole person, helping clients activate their inner gifts for a joyous, productive life.

Pastoral Counselors are also trained to help clear away roadblocks to one’s spiritual life, such as doubt, confusion, negative or damaging past experiences, and to reclaim one’s faith tradition as a deeply satisfying, guiding force.

As a counselor, I work with individuals, couples and families in most therapeutic modalities, especially in the areas of:

  • Recovery from grief & loss, abuse, trauma, anxiety, and depression.
  • Creation of a supportive, compassionate format for resolving difficulties in relationships and family systems.
  • Discovering your true vocation; unlocking creativity, purpose and meaning.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive outlook, based in universal spiritual principles.
  • Resolving interfaith issues and removing blocks to spiritual connection and practice.
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