Blessed are those who enter, sheltered beneath the wings of the Divine Presence.

Conversion to Judaism is a journey of profound discovery. Judaism is such an ancient tradition, as rich and multi-layered as all the centuries and places it has existed. And yet, it is always renewing itself in answer to our present place and time, and doing so with the intention of creating the best possible world in the future.

I can be your “tour guide” across the vast map of Jewish belief, tradition, history and practice as you explore its beauty and find your own special place in the Jewish people.

Because of the depth and breadth of knowledge required, and the resulting personal growth, conversion studies generally require a minimum of one year.

Compass imageWhite there are many different avenues for approaching conversion to Judaism, the studies are always guided by a rabbi. Some people will join an “Exploring Judaism” class at a synagogue or Temple. Sometimes a community-wide class will be offered at a local Jewish Federation or JCC (Jewish Community Center). Local colleges and universities may also offer an “Introduction to Judaism” class which students can either audit or take for college credit. Other students may opt to study privately with a rabbi, or to augment their class with private study and added personal guidance. The most important basis for choosing a pathway for exploration is to find the teacher with whom you feel you can best learn. This will be very individual.

One other thing – be prepared to buy a lot of books. Judaism is a very text-based religion! In fact, one of the names for the Jewish People is “The People of the Book.” Conversion studies require a great deal of reading.

If you are considering conversion, I welcome your inquiries. I am happy to help you find the best pathway for conversion studies.

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