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Cottonwood leafI’ve been a teacher since 1980, when I established a thriving music studio, offering private instruction in piano & harp to children and adults. Upon becoming a cantor in 1991, with the responsibility for training Bar/Bat Mitzvah students of all ages, my experience teaching music in individual and small group settings proved to be a great asset.

Over the past 24 years, I have trained hundreds of students in Bar & Bat Mitzvah preparation, Hebrew, basic Jewish practice, and the spiritual arts of davenning (prayer), cantillation (chanting of Sacred Jewish texts), and darshanut (exploring the rich inner meanings of the Torah and other sacred texts.)

Acquire for yourself a teacher, and find yourself a friend.
— Chapters of the Fathers 1:6

My teaching style is best described as warm and supportive. I aim to meet each student on their individual level, while gently guiding them to realize they can accomplish more than they might initially believe possible. I also put a lot of emphasis on making the treasures of Judaism relevant and enriching to my students’ lives.

Along with Bar & Bat Mitzvah training, I offer individual and group instruction in:

  •  Basic Judaism
  • “Living Judaism” (coaching on how to integrate Jewish practice & ritual into your life)
  • Conversion Study
  • Introduction to Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism
  • Jewish Meditation Practices
  • Mussar
  • Exploring Shabbat
  • Jewish Liturgy

Please visit my Ongoing Classes and Upcoming Classes pages to see course descriptions for my current and upcoming offerings.

I also teach Jewish ritual art, and offer a service called Create Your Own Tallit. If you’d like to experience the satisfaction of creating your own tallit (prayershawl) or chuppah (wedding canopy) and learn about its beautiful symbolism in the process, I can guide you – from the concept, to choice of materials, methods, and the tying of the tzitzit.

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