Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my Web Site

cottonwood leafRabbis are, first and foremost, teachers. We are called to convey the hidden beauty of the Jewish tradition in order to facilitate personal & spiritual growth, healing in times of need, and guidance in creating a life of purpose, meaning, well-being and happiness.

We are also celebrants and companions at all the stages of life, helping to bring depth and meaning to our traditions.

I offer group classes, individual study, Bar & Bat Mitzvah and Conversion training, spiritual advising, and I can help you create personalized, meaningful Jewish Lifecycle events.

I welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds in my practice.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this website!

Please feel free to call me at [916] 442-7315,
or email me at info@rabbishulastevens.net.
Or, visit my CONTACT page.
I look forward to hearing from you.