Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my Web Site

Traditionally, the work of a rabbi is threefold: Counseling, Teaching, and Life Cycle Officiation. Rabbis are dedicated to facilitating healing, personal & spiritual growth, and to guiding people on the path to purpose, meaning, well-being and happiness.It is an honor to do this work, and I’m excited to share the ways in which I offer these three aspects of the rabbinic calling to our community. Along with my Counseling practice, I also offer group classes, Bar & Bat Mitzvah and Conversion training, and I am available to help you create personalized, meaningful Jewish Lifecycle events. I hope you will enjoy exploring this website!

I welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds in my practice.


About Pastoral Counseling

Long before the appearance of the modern art of psychotherapy, people traditionally turned to their spiritual leaders for counsel and guidance . . .

Pastoral Counseling provides the best of both, professionally integrating a wide knowledge of psychotherapy and family systems with the timeless wisdom of the faith traditions.

Pastoral Counselors address the growth and healing needs of the whole person, helping clients activate their inner gifts for a joyous, productive life.

Pastoral Counselors take a positive approach. We will begin be assessing your strengths and identifying positive resources within your life that can be brought into the service of healing and the restoration of hope.

Pastoral Counselors also help their clients clear away roadblocks to embracing spiritual life – such as doubt, feelings of disconnection, or negative past experiences – so that you can find sure footing on your unique spiritual path, or reclaim your faith original tradition in a new, more personal, and deeply satisfying way.

As a counselor, I work with individuals, couples and families in most therapeutic modalities, especially in the areas of:

  • Healing from grief & loss, abuse, trauma, anxiety, and depression.
  • Resolving difficulties and discord in relationships and family systems, with a specialty in couples counseling.
  • Unlocking your creativity, purpose and meaning.
  • Helping clients develop and maintain a positive outlook, based in personal truth and universal spiritual principles, in order to accomplish important life goals.
  • Creating spiritual connection and meaningful, sustaining, spiritual practices.

Through song, eternity breaks through into the here and now of time.
— Rabbi Jacob Neusner